BPC’s “Bite Me!” Musical ‘Twilight’ Spoof Has Legs

The Black Pearl Cabaret’s musical spoof on the vampire film “Twilight” was a huge success. It filled the seats for all three shows in what was a make-shift theatre created in the city’s Pope Marine Building this past Valentine’s Day weekend. “The audience laughed their heads off!” exclaimed creator R O’Donnell, “Over 90% of the jokes played well and that’s something that signaled to all of us that it’s time to remount the show.”

Presented just in time for Valentines Day, “Bite Me,” with book, music, and lyrics by O’Donnell, played 8 pm, February 14-16, to an enthusiastic crowd of locals and a few Seattle-based fans of the company. “Several people have seen all three of our shows,” remarked General Manager Lynne Cassella-Blackburn, “and some have traveled from Seattle specifically to see us. It was also a good run because %10 of the gross ticket sales went to benefit the youth-oriented Boiler Room,” said Cassella-Blackburn, “That’s something we’re very proud of.”

biteme! cast

(L-R Joey Ripley as Willy White, Misha Cassella-Blackburn as Ella Bran, Thomas Overman as Otis Bran, Ares Altamirano as Billy Sullen, Aidan McClave as Brody Sullen, R O’Donnell as Dr. Sullen, Marla Overman as Asthma Sullen – photo: Laurie McClave)

With an amazing cast including BPC regulars Ares Altamirano, Aidan McClave, R O’Donnell, Joey Ripley, and Misha Cassella-Blackburn along with new-comers Marla and Thomas Overman, and directed by O’Donnell (who penned “An Evening With The Kreep” and “Kreepmas,”) “Bite Me!” plans to remount the show in March for an open-ended run.

The story of “Bite Me!” focuses on Ella Bran and Billy Sullen as they struggle to come to terms with their silly, supernatural attraction for one another. Songs such as “Sparkly” and “Bite Me!” along with a wide a variety a comedic forms from slapstick to thoughtful satirical jabs pepper this musical comedy satire of the “Twilight” franchise.

Black Pearl Cabaret is a professional troupe of actors, variety artists, and musicians. We perform only original works of a Gothic, humorous and macabre nature. We are located in the Victorian seaport of Port Townsend, WA.. It is the goal of the Black Pearl Cabaret to provide paid opportunities to artists of all ages, and to specifically encourage local youth participation and growth while presenting only original works that are affordable and accessible to everyone.

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