Kreepy Musical AUTUMN Explores Pirates, Love

Originally presented by the Black Pearl Cabaret at Manresa Castle, located in the historic Seaport of Port Townsend, Washington, KREEPSHOW is being re-imagined into a brand new musical comedy titled AUTUMN. With a book, music, and lyrics by Brazillia R. Kreep (AKA R. O’Donnell,) AUTUMN will aim a stronger spotlight on protagonist and narrator Capt Brazillia R. Kreep’s milieu as a decorated privateer turned pirate of the seas circa 1690s.


Familiar characters remain such as the ghostly circus star Parthenia Goste, trickster Jack Ezekiel Frost as well as the Kreepy Krawler Kuartet along with a reckless band of swashbuckling misfits to round out the tale. A dark love story set off the bay Port Townsend, so named by Captain George Vancouver (for his friend the Marquis of Townshend) in 1792, the two act musical fanfares Capt Kreep’s takeover of a 47-gun privateer ship christened the Autumn.


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