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‘Kreepshow’: Macabre with a pinch of improvisation
PT Leader
By Steve Treacy

The handout reads “Black Pearl Cabaret presents Kreepshow, a Gothic Comedy Cabaret” with “book, music & lyrics by Brazillia R. Kreep.”

To be on the safe side, I ask that my favorite cocktail be delivered precisely two tables due west of the makeshift stage in the Manresa Castle Restaurant, so as to limit any untidy contact with untoward zombies or splashing red liquids.

My obsessive behavior turns out to be overkill as I sample this nautical but nice one-act soufflé, loaded as it is with local lore (and actual alliteration) about a certain Victorian seaport and spiced ever so gently with congenial improvisation.


As the minute hand reaches 12, one heavy wooden door slides open (a nice Victorian touch). An odd but agreeable young man enters bearing a cello. Three additional characters will soon make dramatic and distinctive entrances in turn. All wear stylish black togs (designed by Lynne Cassella) suggestive of, dare we say, the new de rigueur steampunk formality.

Sartorially and otherwise, the director (R O’Donnell) and his gothic “krew” appear quite at home within the walls of Manresa Castle, what with its visibly Victorian fixtures and alleged ghostly past.

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KPTZ Public Radio Interview
Steve Evans
aired Feb 11th, Monday at noon; 12th, Tuesday at 6 p.m.; 13, Wednesday at 10 a.m.; and 16th, Saturday at noon
R O’Donnell & Misha Cassella-Blackburn

‘Bite Me’ this Valentine’s Day
Black Pearl Cabaret’s ‘Twilight’ musical satire runs Feb. 14-16

 Megan Claflin
February 13, 2013

Presented by the Black Pearl Cabaret just in time for Valentine’s Day, “Bite Me! – a ‘Twilight’ Musical Comedy,” with music and lyrics by R O’Donnell, plays at 8 p.m. Thursday through Saturday, Feb. 14-16 at the Pope Marine Building, on the pier at the corner of Water and Madison streets.

Written and directed by O’Donnell (who penned “An Evening With The Kreep” and “Kreepmas”) and performed by a cast that includes Black Pearl Cabaret regulars Ares Altamirano, Aidan McClave, O’Donnell, Joey Ripley and Misha Cassella-Blackburn along with newcomers Marla and Thomas Overman, “Bite Me!” promises to be fun for the entire brood.

“If you’ve had your fill of vampires and want something to do this Valentine’s Day weekend, then this is the show for you,” declares O’Donnell. “The blockbuster film ‘Twilight’ about teenage love still graces the pages of all kinds of national magazines, so it was an easy target for the troupe.”

The story of “Bite Me!” follows Ella Bran and Billy Sullen as they struggle to come to terms with their silly, supernatural attraction for one another. Songs such as “Sparkly” and “Bite Me” along with a wide a variety a comedic forms, from slapstick to thoughtful satirical jabs, pepper this musical comedy satire of the ‘Twilight’ franchise.

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A Very Merry Kreepmas
Megan Claflin
December 19, 2012

It’s Christmas in Port Townsend and everyone is in good cheer! Dashing to gather the final accoutrements for the holiday tree and feast, friends and neighbors call out “Merry Christmas!” and “Happy New Year!”

Not everyone is feeling the spirit of the season, however. As snowflakes fall on the aging Point Wilson Lighthouse, Brazilia R. Kreep prepares for another cold, lonely evening. Tucking into his nightcap and shuffling off to bed, the old lighthouse keeper sighs a labored “Bah! Humbug!” But as the Kreep drifts off to sleep the figures of his imagination (or are they real?) aim to teach him the true meaning of Christmas.

Returning to the Undertown Coffee & Wine Bar Dec. 20-23, Black Pearl Cabaret (BPC) aims to delight audiences with a gothic, macabre twist on Charles Dickens’ classic “Christmas Carol.” After October’s four sold-out performances of the debut show, “An Evening with the Kreep,” BPC founder and director R O’Donnell said this retelling is one not to miss.

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Black Pearl Cabaret presents the Kreep
Megan Claflin
Oct 17, 2012

Created in the eerie mind of award-winning actor/writer/producer R O’Donnell, “An Evening with the Kreep” features poetry and song and summons a variety of haunting characters from the Kreep’s darkest dreams – or so it may seem. 

An award-winning writer, director, producer and comedian, R O’Donnell developed “The Kreep” as a pseudonym six years ago while working in theater and television in New York City and Chicago. Wholly attracted to the creativity and innovation uniquely cultivated within the horror genre, he said, “There is very little that one can think up that can’t be incorporated plausibly into horror,” he said. “It is limited only by one’s imagination.”

Relocating to Port Townsend in 2010, O’Donnell founded the Black Pearl Cabaret with the mission to recruit a professional troupe of actors, variety artists and musicians to perform original works of a gothic and macabre nature.

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